A Morale Makeover for Your Home? Yes Please!

Our homes should inspire us, brighten our mood, and reduce stress levels. For most of us, however, our homes can become neglected, an afterthought after a long, hard day of work. But it doesn’t have to be that way! With a few simple changes, you can reinvigorate your surroundings and create an oasis from the world outside.

Add a Splash of Color

Colors play an important role in our psyche. Reds and oranges unintentionally raise stress levels as they can prompt our fight or flight instinct. Look for opportunities to add soothing colors of calm such as blues and greens or pastel colors spanning the rainbow.

Bring the Outdoors In

Even if you live in a concrete jungle, indoor plantings help connect us with nature. Tending to live plants relieves stress while simultaneously adding beauty to our home. As an added benefit, plants help improve the air quality around us, helping us breathe cleaner air.


An organized home helps maintain lower stress levels for every member of the family. Eliminating items you know longer need not only cleans your home, but is a therapeutic way to clear your mind. And not having to search for lost things adds minutes back into your day.

Add a Quiet Place

Let’s face it, unless you are living single, someone is likely to be making noise. Find a quiet corner, windowsill, or room in your home and create your own personal oasis. Add plush seating, soft lighting, and familiar items and create a comfortable cocoon to escape to when you need a moment to decompress. 

Smell Good Smells

Essential oils can help our minds relax and reflect on memories that bring us joy. Aromatherapy is a growing field, providing proven benefits for our mind and mood. Explore the wide array of smells and how each can make a positive impact on you, and your home’s morale!